How long do you want to live?

Have you ever thought about that? If you feel like you want to live to 90 years old, then the last decade of your life (80-90) is what Dr. Peter Attia labels as your “marginal decade”. 

How you live out and experience those last 10 years is a direct result of the choices you made and actions you took during the previous 79 years!  Ask yourself: “In my last decade of life, how do I want to be living and experiencing life?” 

Do you want to be active, play golf, travel to visit friends and family? Or, do you want to be in a nursing home, being cared for by others until you pass?  What you decide to do now plays a significant role in how that last part of your life plays out.

Now is the time for practicing prevention, not at age 75 or 80. Prevention is action, the taking of steps, to avoid or delay the onset of a condition or disease.

Imagine being able to prevent low back pain or headaches?

Or other conditions like Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes?  Research is showing us that most heath  conditions or illnesses are related to a lack of physical activity and unhealthy lifestyle.

While your genes do play a small role in determining the health of the future you, making better choices, having better habits and staying fit and active are key ingredients to preventing health concerns and living a long, fruitful and productive life.

Posture is a key predictor for late in life cognitive and health problems

A study in Nature confirmed that the more forward head posture an elderly person had, the earlier in life and the more severe their cognitive decline.  Cognitive decline is a major concern for everyone I’ve ever spoken with about aging.

Everyone wants to keep their mind sharp for as long as possible. The research is solid on this: maintain good posture to maintain optimal cognitive function.

Therefore we promote regular posture examinations that look at everything from the arches in your feet, to pelvic balance, head position over the torso and how well all regions of the spine and pelvis move.

Regular posture checks combined with the appropriate chiropractic treatment and exercise will go a long way in keeping your posture and mind well late into life.

We also promote being active in addressing your basic nutritional needs

Nutrients lacking in our diets, like calcium, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids and Vit D, are associated with a wide variety of health concerns.

The COVID-19 virus exposed just how important Vit D is in maintaining health when researchers announced a common indicator for poor outcomes for COVID-19 infection was Vit D deficiency. Proper nutritional supplementation is a cornerstone in our goal of preventing health problems. 

Your doctor can coach you through creating an optimal nutritional and supplementation strategy to meet your current and long-term health goals.

More Muscle = Longer Life

And lastly, regarding prevention: We cannot stress how important it is to maintain a high degree of lean muscle tissue, as late into life as possible. This fact is key to living a longer, more productive life. 

Very few people know how to properly and safely perform weight lifting and exercise to produce lean muscle tissue.

Fortunately, we know exactly how to structure a workout regiment that will get results!  Whether we design a program for you to take to your current gym or you join us in The Studio right here at the clinic, we can help build a better you.

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