Are you looking for excellent chiropractic care for you and your active family?
You need to meet the team at Life Quest Chiropractic & Sports

We are proud to serve the great people of Alexandria. We've been doing it for over twenty-five years.

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With over 25 years of service to the Alexandria area, helping thousands of people of all ages, we understand how pain and injuries can make life hard, wear you down and literally steal your joy.

We get so excited when we get to meet someone new because we know all of the possibilities that lie ahead for them.

Get The Treatment You Need With The Care You Deserve

We think you should get to know some of our people.
We've Built A Culture Of Winning
It's what we do for you.

Our culture is built on offering the best service possible.

From quality evidence-based care to processing your insurance claims to accepting same-day appointments and easy online scheduling, we are here to serve you. We love helping people move from pain to performance. Helping you live the best life possible is our mission.

That's why we are Life Quest.

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