Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make it all the way through this article. I feel like this one could have a huge impact on your health and life.  This post was born out of a recent conversation with a newer patient at Life Quest that didn’t really know much about us, other than his wife told him we could help him.  Based on our conversation I decided that there are a few things everyone should know about Life Quest.

Life Quest is not just another “hop and pop” chiropractic clinic.  We are group of professionals striving to make a difference in the lives of each of our patients. In a world where visits to the doctor have gone virtual, we are digging deeper into building solid, trustworthy relationships that are created in a face to face environment where we can truly engage in health care and wellness.  I believe anyone looking to improve their quality of life, raise their level of health and have a high performance lifestyle must know these 5 things about Life Quest.

  • Experience

From our office manager to our providers, we bring a broad and deep measure of experience to our practice community.  This year, I (Dr Powell) am celebrating 25 years of caring for patients. Our office manager, Joan, has been with the practice for 24 of those years. Our rehab assistant and personal trainer, Jake, has been providing training and rehabilitation services for 15 years.  In my opinion, nothing trumps experience when looking for solutions and strategies to better your health and your life.

Our experience provides our patients with the confidence that when we say we can help you, we can. Here are some of the highlights regarding our teams experience:

  • Our providers have been the team doctors for local sports teams providing in-game support as well as in-office treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries
    • Our rehab assistant/trainer has worked in world class orthopedic facilities in Pennsylvania as well as being the strength coach for a professional hockey team.
    • Our office manager has trained other clinic’s staff in the areas of insurance billing and office management. She has also been a presenter for the Minnesota Chiropractic Association on best practices for billing and practice management.
    • Dr. Powell has mentored and trained multiple new practitioners in building high quality, high outcome, evidence based practices.
    • Dr. Powell has been an adjunct staff member for Northwestern Health Sciences University where he has accepted student interns as part of their school curriculum.
    • Dr. Halliday is a volunteer at the Eagles Healing Nest where he provides care for recovering service veterans.
  1. Purpose Driven Environment

Our purpose at Life Quest is to educate, care for, motivate and inspire as many people possible to pursue a high performance lifestyle focused on optimal health and robust longevity.

Our mission is to transform lives through chiropractic care, functional exercise and healthy nutrition strategies. By teaching our people how to care for their bodies, how to move and how to eat, we have a transformational effect on the life path of the people we serve.

A high performance lifestyle has a different look and feel for each of our patients.  For some it means achieving their best results in productivity at work or at home. For others it means reaching health goals that allow them to pursue an active lifestyle wherein they compete in marathons or other sporting competitions. And to others, high performance means being able to live to their best abilities.  Whatever your reason for wanting to life a high performance lifestyle, we are here to serve you.

  • Culture

Our unwritten clinic motto is to love, serve and give to our community out of our own abundance.  This means we strive to create a culture of acceptance and love for everyone who comes through our doors.  We intentional in our efforts to provide support for those that are in need, encouragement for the disheartened and love for all that choose to be a part of our community.

Our culture is one in which no person or group of people is more important or valuable than any other. Whether examining the care we provide or how we deal with your insurance and financial situation, we treat each of our patients with love, understanding and empathy.

We work extremely hard at providing personalized care, caring for the individual in front of us, so that each of our patients has the same opportunity for success in reaching their health goals.

  • Evidence Based Practice

Our providers spend many hours every year staying up to date on the latest advancements in chiropractic care, exercise and nutrition so that we are able to provide the highest quality of care possible and achieve exemplary results.  While many chiropractic offices simply provide the adjustment, our treatment plans are based on the best evidence available in helping our patients get well faster and stay well longer.

We offer the latest technologies and therapeutics to assist in our patients recovery as well as utilizing referrals to outside facilities or providers when necessary.  While we know the care we provide can achieve tremendous results, there are certainly times when a case requires more expertise than we can offer.

  • Total Wellness

When we accept a new patient into our practice, we are not only focused on finding solutions for their current problems, we focus on helping them achieve the best level of health possible. Our position is that health care isn’t an event, it’s a process.  A process that starts by helping people feel and function better, and moves to helping them stay well. To do so, we investigate many aspects of their life. Work stress, fitness levels, nutrition habits, sleep habits and more.  From our years of experience, we know that all of these factors play into helping someone get well.

In most cases, we help our patients develop new, healthy habits around eating and exercise; creating a new, healthy lifestyle.  One on one nutrition coaching along with one on one fitness training are options many of our patients choose to further their gains in health and well-being.

After 25 years of helping people get well and stay well, I know this:

     Those who truly focus on making good decisions in regards to quality nutrition, consistent exercise, getting 7 or more hours of sleep and using chiropractic care are the healthiest, happiest and highest performing people in our community.

And that can be you, too.