The human body is an amazing creation.  It has the innate ability to fight disease, heal damage to tissues and structures and it has an unmatched ability to adapt to the stress of life. This ability to keep the body in balance and well is called homeostasis and your body is constantly working to maintain that balance.

When you put your body in a state of chronic stress, often times this system of balance is disrupted and the body begins to turn on itself. States of chronic stress that cause this are many, but the leading cause of chronic stress is obesity.  Obesity results in a cascade of chemical events in the blood vessels, fluids found within joint spaces and the surrounding joint structures, including nerves.

Many patients we work with that have chronic pain in the low back, hips and knees also have chronic inflammation. Inflammation in these areas acts like gas on a fire. If a person has mechanical joint pain due to spinal joint dysfunction, pain will tend to come and go with certain movements, postures or activities. Now, add chronic inflammation to the scenario and pain becomes persistent and chronic. No longer can the person find relief with simply changing posture or moving in a different way. Generally speaking, this is the time when that person presents to our office for help.

Chronic inflammation is properly addressed through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Cutting out sugary food, highly processed or refined food and deep fried foods goes a long way in reducing inflammation. Simple exercises like walking or riding a bike increases circulatory effects in the vessels and lymphatic system which aids in removing inflammation from our tissues. Most people unknowingly think and believe that when there is pain, that means to rest. With chronic inflammation it is just the opposite.

If you think or know that you are dealing with a chronic inflammatory issue, reach out to us. Let’s sit down and figure out a plan together to get you healthy and feeling better.