Golf is a fickle game with which I have a serious love/hate relationship. And, honestly, it fluctuates from hole to hole. But in the end, there is no game or experience quite like it. Being able to play golf well and enjoy the game is a great joy.

One thing that keeps many golfers from enjoying the game to it’s fullest is low back pain. Unfortunately, the modern golf swing isn’t designed around proper mechanics of the lower back. Each time a golfer swings the club, his or her body is making compensations to accomplish the end goal of creating power at contact.  The negative effects of creating power is joint and muscle tissue stress. The cumulative effect of many swings over many days, weeks, months and years takes its toll on the spine of the golfer.

Being able to condition the spine to handle the forces of the golf swing is key to having a back that can provide support and feel good while playing golf. Obviously there are literally thousands of different exercises you can do for your lower back. And, honestly, most of them will have some benefit.

The exercise or movement that I’m sharing today will not only help reduce your back pain while playing, but will also improve the mechanics of your swing so it could actually help your pain and your game!

Check out the video below: