When you hear galloping hooves, most of the time you think….HORSE!  Have you ever thought…ZEBRA?  Probably not. Why? Because hearing zebras run is not very common in most parts of the world.  Nothing against zebras, of course, they are beautiful creatures, just rare to most of us.

When dealing with low back pain, most of the time we look to the spine or tissues related to the spine for the problem, ie…horses.  The majority of back pain causing issues are related to the discs, nerves, muscles and ligaments of the spine. However, low back pain can also be caused by a problem in the sacroiliac joint,…the zebra. 

The sacroiliac joint is part of the pelvis, where the hip bone connects to the tailbone. It works hard when we walk, lift, transition from sit to stand, run and jump.  It can also become stuck or dysfunctional as a result of improper stress or forces placed on the joint.  The result? Low back pain. The zebra.

Check back soon as I explore the sacroiliac joint. The zebra may just be the cause of your low back pain.