Every day I meet people struggling with pain and health concerns.  For many, the problems they are dealing with are not new. I’d say, on average, these people are struggling to get by for 2 months before seeking our help.

By the time I meet them, not only is their body broken, but so is their mind.  Defeated, frustrated, at their wits end are common phrases I hear during their consultation.  Some are even beginning to show signs of depression because they are losing hope.

The mind is a powerful thing. Your thoughts can lead you down a forever spiraling path of gloom and depression or they can be a powerful motivator to pull you out of the depths of despair. The thing is, it’s your choice. You have the ability to choose how you think about your health, your body and your life. 

Making simple changes in how you think can have a huge impact on how you feel, and, how fast you can recover when you have a health challenge. Taking ownership in your condition by thinking or saying things like “my back pain”, “my migraines”, “my arthritis” roots that into your psyche making a part of you. By doing this, it cements that problem as a permanent part of you, making it difficult to see yourself without that problem. Being able to let go of your problem, see yourself free from the pain or condition is key step on your journey to getting well.

Instead, changes your thoughts to “I am strong”, “I have the ability to be well”, “I’m getting better every day”.  Research has shown that by changing your thoughts to a positive, uplifting, hopeful tone influences different chemical properties in the body that engages more healing capabilities of the body.

You have the ability to be well. Your body was made to be well. Being strong, healthy and feeling good is your body’s natural state. Don’t ever forget this. It can be the difference between a life of joy and one of misery.